Recommended dates and venue:

• From our 10 years experience, we can recommend our customer to organize presentation in the high business activity period. Time when business is most active on the markets of the mentioned in previous slide cities, is mainly spring and autumn.

• Usually we recommend to organize presentations in 5* hotels in the center of the city, with good location, easy to reach, with parking space. So that invited guests could feel their significance, ask all the questions in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, what with no doubt helps to strike a deal

Usually we propose to concentrate efforts on invitation of the following type of attendees:
•Potential buyers/investors – private individuals or corporate bodies interested in your project.
•Invited Media – representatives from specified media sources who will write post relies about the event, your company, its product and spread it within your target audience.
•Potential partners – representatives from local agencies, finance companies, private banking and other kind of institutions who can present your product to their clients.


  • Preselected, target audience - this is a high-level private event for a very narrow, pre-qualified audience.
  • Better targeted audience - since the presentation is organized specially for the needs aims of our customer, depending on the required number, category and type of the audience, it is preselected and preliminary confirmed with the client.
  • On our events we gather media representatives, clients or partners who have definite intentions to promote, sell or invest in your project.
  • It's a one day event which lasts for 4-8 hours. It starts with the presentation, then usually comes discussion in a Q&A format (before or after coffee-break).

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