Email Campaigns

E-mail campaign allows you to directly send your offers to companies that can either offer your products directly to its customers or to offer you cooperation with them. Due to its successful and stable work, our company has a database of more than 12000 business contacts and 9000 potential buyers in Russia and CIS and 19000 business contacts outside the CIS (European countries and other popular tourist destinations). 

E-mail campaigns are already one of the most effective marketing tool which allows you to gain maximum results with comparatively small costs. This mean of product promotion towards target audience significantly cuts expenses for advertising, but at the same time e-mail blast allows to focus on the concept of marketing and direct it at a narrow target audience.This method of product promotion to potential buyers significantly reduces the costs of advertising campaigns, also it allows you to concentrate on the development of the very concept of marketing and focus on relatively narrow target audience. 

Given the pace of development of the global information network, we can say with confidence that e-mail blast is one of the most effective methods of presenting your offer to final users.