GPG Exhibitions

GPG is a PR agency whose main priority is successful implementation of your company in the CIS market. That is why we constantly monitor tendencies and market needs. Alongside with this we constantly improve our methods of promoting our clients’ companies. One of the methods is conducting private exhibitions - effective tool to attract new buyers, investors and partners for our clients’ companies, their services and products.

Private exhibition is an opportunity to introduce your product/services to individuals and agents, to investors and entrepreneurs, who are interested in exactly what you have to offer. The main difference between private exhibitions carried by GPG and mass exhibitions isthe thorough selection of visitors and participant. You won’t meet random people during the exhibition because we know what audience you are looking for. The promotion of our events and registration process on them helps us reveal and gather people whose wish to visit them is not just a common interest but a real intention to find out more about your company and your offer. This has a positive effect on making business connections and final outcome.

There are media representatives (also selected ones) on our events alongside with selected target audience as their publications mainly cover the business area in wich your company operates. This helps to spread the information about you and your company among the audience you’re interested in.

Our next exhibitions:
Spring, 2019

1. GREIMS Moscow: 27-28th of February

2. GREIMS Almaty: 27-28th of March

3. GREIMS Baku: 29-30th of April

4. GREIMS Batumi: 14-15th of June

Autumn, 2019

5. GREIMS Astana: 11-12th of September

6. GREIMS St. Petersburg: 9-10th of October

7. GREIMS Tbilisi: 8-9th of November

8. GREIMS Kyiv: 27-28th of November