For over 8 years via our events (more than 20 international trade shows annually), digital means and other comprehensive marketing services, we have assisted international companies in more than 40 countries worldwide, to find ideal clients and
partners for their products and services worldwide.

Many companies believe that because they have a good quality product, bringing it to new markets will be an easy issue,
but soon comes an understanding that it is a continuous process in a challenging and constantly changing global market and that this process requires dedication, commitment as well as top resources.

We understand the obstacles and we have the solution.

In 2009 We started with organizing trade shows and events for clients wishing to enter foreign markets, but with time and constant desire to find better solutions we kept realizing that it accomplishes only a few parts of the plan. Hence, the 'GLOBAL REPRESENTATION'. This opportunity can not be missed. It applies to all needs and adheres to all goals.