Organization of presentation 

GPG offers organization of individual presentation your company and its projects, services for the target audience of potential property buyers, investors, partners

Cities where we can provide the service: Moscow, Kiev, Almaty, Baku, Tbilisi, Stambul and Dubai

Recommended dates and venue:

From our experience which counts more than 8 years, we can recommend our customer to organize presentation in the high business activity period. Time when business is most active on the markets of the above mentioned cities, is mainly in spring and autumn. We recommend to organize presentations in the 5* hotels in the center of the city.

Invited visitors:

Usually we propose to concentrate efforts on invitation of the following type of attendees:

  • Potential buyers/investors
  • Invited Media
  • Potential partners 


It's a one day event which lasts for 4-8 hours. It starts with the presentation, then usually comes discussion in a format of "question-answer"(before or after coffee-break). Free communication at the end of the event + wine service & canapé

For more information about these and other aspects of the event, please follow the link.