The newspaper "inostranets" (The Foreigner) is published since 1993. The newspaper is positioned as a weekly to meet any information requests of any person who leaves homeland for any country, for any period and for any reason. The edition for people of independent thinking: we give you the full information, and you on the basis of this information accept the own, intelligent, adult, suitable decision for you.

"Foreigner" is not the foreigner who comes to us from abroad and is therefore called a foreigner; this is a local resident who becomes (or dreams to become) a foreigner in a foreign country, becomes a foreigner for several days, or for a month, or for a year, or for some years - when he leaves there for any of his needs - to study, marry, earn , to spend a vacation, a business trip, touring, negotiating, preaching, visiting relatives, just to go around the world without a clear reason, or maybe to be there as a political refugee or an expatriate.

The newspaper's heading seems to embrace all the diversity of life: work (abroad and in Russia), education, recreation and tourism, medication, real estate, political geography, culture, emigration, repatriation, regional geography and so on. Almost every issue contains so-called polite literature - we are convinced that it also contain information about the outside world, only the other one is not factual, but moody.