On March 5, a private presentation of the project Luštica Bay (Montenegro) was held at the Lotte Hotel Moscow.

The concept of the project Luštica Bay offers a unique lifestyle and unsurpassed residential properties, surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of the coast of Montenegro, which is rapidly acquiring the status of the most sought-after vacation spot in Europe.Luštica Bay has a wide range of real...
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Global Promotion Group has opened the spring season in a new format!

The first event under the new name and concept - GREIMS - was successfully held at the Lotte Hotel Moscow on March 1-2.GREIMS Moscow is a private event dedicated to overseas property, investment and migration issues.The participants and speakers of GREIMS Moscow 2019 were representatives of...
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The final list of participants and business program agenda of GREIMS Moscow event.

PARTICIPANTSFirst Development Group (Uzbekistan)Emerald Group (Georgia)Is Molas (Italy)LCP Group Russia (USA)Regico Ltd (UK)CypproRealty (Cyprus)Ellestate (Greece)Schumann Real Estate (Georgia)Hochbau Development (Georgia)NV Company (Italy, Tenerife, Montenegro, Czech Republic , Portugal,...
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Advantages of participating and visiting the GREIMS events.

As you already know, this year we launched a new product - GREIMS events. Very soon, on 1-2 March, 2019, our first event this year will take place in Moscow. Next week we will publish a list of participants and business program schedule.And now we want to tell you about what GREIMS is and how it...
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Annual Gala Dinner & Award Ceremony from Georgian National Association of Real Estate was held on the 24th of January!

The Georgian National Association of Real Estate has successfully hosted its Annual Gala Dinner & Award Ceremony. About to 100 guests attended the event, including real estate professionals, international and national organisations. Representatives of Global Promotion Group were happy to become...
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The 7th International Exhibition of overseas real estate MPIRES (Moscow's Premier International Real Estate Show) will be held in Expocentre on March 15th and 16th, 2019. MPIRES will traditionally feature all types of overseas real estate: city apartments and mansions for any wallet, country villas...
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An International Congress of Real Estate and Investment will be held in Berlin on February 18

Investment partnership for 1 billion euros, Germany and Russia unite at the Investment Congress in Berlin on February 18! 40 ways to invest up to 50% per annum! The Berlin Congress of Foreign Real estate and Investments will take place in the capital of Germany On February 18,...
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Russian real estate market

We have prepared a small study of the foreign real estate market in Russia. Below you will see a diagram of the demand for overseas property at the end of 2018:As you can see from the diagram below, the main interest of the Russian buyer is the purchase of apartments, houses and villas. This is due...
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GREIMS - events dedicated to real estate, investments and migration in 8 cities. The format, pre-registered target visitors and guaranteed meetings are just a few of the differences between GREIMS and other events.FORMATGREIMS - private events that differ from the fair format events by:venue - 5*...
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About GREIMS Moscow.

GREIMS Moscowis the first event in 2019 from Global Promotion Group. The event will take place on 1-2 March in Moscow at Lotte Hotel.Moscow is an important city for us since our history began here. Long-standing and proven partners, active overseas property market, loyal audience of visitors and...
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