The second private exhibition of foreign real estate in Almaty is over!


For both days the exhibition was visited by more than 150 professionals of the local real estate market, buyers and investors. The exhibitors were 11 companies representing real estate in more than 10 countries:

1.Luštica Bay, Montenegro

2.Immigrant Invest, Austria

3.Realty Port Istanbul, Turkey

4.Mirum, Greece

5.Dreamland, Georgia

6.Sky Inn , Georgia

7.Habita International Estates, Finland

8.Emerald Palace Group, UAE

9.AV Construction, Kazakhstan

10.NV Company, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal

11.Orbi Group, Georgia

The event was held for 2 days: on the 1st day invited professionals of the local real estate market could discuss some issues about real estate, emigration and investments at the round table. On the second day the exhibition was visited by potential buyers and investors.As part of the business program visitors of the exhibition were able to get acquainted with the presentations of exhibiting companies, ask questions of interest to them, and also consider buying / investing in Georgia, UAE, Finland, Montenegro, Austria, Greece and other European countries.

Communication between exhibitors and visitors was not limited to common phrases, as interest in foreign real estate and investment opportunities is quite high. Exhibitors were able to discuss potential cooperation with local realtors within the first day, as well as with wealthy and serious investors and buyers within the second day of the exhibition.

Global Promotion Group organizes such events in such cities as: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baku, Almaty, Kyiv, Tbilisi and Batumi. For more information about exhibitions of Global Promotion Group and our partners, please click on the link.

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