Foreign real estate market overview of Baku


Buying overseas properties is still a pretty new topic for the population of the Azerbaijan, since mainly, people where investing their means in local real estate and where saving them through deposit accounts in local banks.

At the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 years, the national currency has collapsed, and the banking sector of the country is experiencing recession now. State is securing deposits in foreign currency only below the 3% annual interest . Due to financial statistics, only during 2016, the volume of deposits taken from the banks equals to 10 Billion USD. Wealthy part of countries population is actively looking for alternative ways of investment and securing their means, consequently, buying real estate abroad country has become very popular trend.

Our previous exhibitions in Baku once again confirm that there is an interest in foreign real estate, it is actively developing and the market of foreign real estate is becoming one of the most promising.

Main popular products for investing in foreign real estate are: projects in popular tourist directions with high incomes, projects with guaranteed rental income, projects in western countries with stable economy.

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