GREIMS Batumi - the private event dedicated to foreign real estate, investment and migration issues was held in Batumi on 22-23 June.


GREIMS Batumi - the private event dedicated to foreign real estate, investment and migration issues was held in Batumi on 22-23 June.

Participants and speakers of the event were representatives of 24 companies: Horizons Group, Simetria, Green Cape, Premium Group, Hochbau Development, Schuchman Real Estate, Batumi Paradise, Sky Inn, Dreamland Oasis, Panorama Kvariati, Binadari Development Company,,, Remart Group, Batumi View, REA Investment, Mgzavrebi Hotel Chain, AVG, Geo Estate, York Towers, MSZ Georgia, Fin.Exp.Corporation, Sfero Holding, ZULU VIP.

The main difference between GREIMS Batumi and GREIMS events in other cities is that the majority of the participants were local real estate development, consulting companies and real estate agencies.

Apart from the local target audience that visited GREIMS Batumi, there were also professionals, clients and investors from the CIS, Gulf Region and the Baltics. The delegates were foreign real estate agents who are already engaged or are planning to engage in real estate in Georgia, as well as potential investors and buyers of Georgian real estate.

The business program of the first day included a round table discussion within the frames of which participants and visitors shared their opinions on the current situation of the real estate market, as well as issues related to investments and migration. It goes without saying that the main topic of the discussion was the relationship between Russia and Georgia and the cancellation of direct flights between them, in particular.

The panelists came to the conclusion that this situation will undoubtedly affect sales in the short term, but this does not mean that Russians will stop buying property in Georgia. The same situation occurred in October 2006 when the direct flights between the countries were suspended and this reduced but did not stop the flow of Russian investments to Georgia. In addition, this is a good incentive to search and attract investments from other countries, which already has quite a few examples, and one of them is the situation when the Russian authorities laid an embargo on Georgian wine, which served only as an hitch for Georgia to enter new markets.

It was also noted that Georgia remains a fairly budgetary direction for investment, but in the future, Georgian developers should solve important tasks: improve service level, quality of construction and after sales management to diversify incoming investments and expand the geography of potential buyers. It is also necessary to target the advertising campaign, including Russian buyers, despite the current situation, because there is a part of Russian buyers who are ready to invest in real estate in Georgia.

In addition to Russia, buyers from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and countries of the Middle East are showing great interest in real estate of Georgia. During the discussion, issues of what is interesting and relevant on the Georgian market for these customers were also discussed.

The business program continued with a series of presentations that companies held on the first day for local and invited professionals of the real estate market, and the second day for private buyers and investors.

In addition to the presentations of projects of Georgian developers, the GREIMS Batumi business program consisted of the following topics:

- How to invest profitably in Batumi?

- Analysis of the demand for real estate in Georgia among Russian-speaking Internet audience in 2018-2019.

- Digital solutions for real estate industry.

- Why choose Georgia? Trending requests of Russian-speaking buyers.

- Battle for investors: architecture & design.

- Why develop a luxury segment in Georgia and how to attract HNWIs?

GREIMS Batumi was the last event of the Spring/Summer 2019 season, the upcoming GREIMS events will be held later this year.

Calendar of Autumn GREIMS events:

GREIMS Nur-Sultan: September 11-12;

GREIMS St. Petersburg: October 9-10;

GREIMS Tbilisi: November 8-9;

GREIMS Kyiv: November 27-28.




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