Digital marketing for attracting HNWIs


There is a widespread belief that by means of digital advertising it is very difficult, even almost impossible, to reach High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

On the one hand, this statement is erroneous, but on the other hand, it is completely applicable to the HNWI audience of the countries where we operate (first of all, we are talking about former USSR countries). Therefore, in this article we will try to refute this myth and tell you in what ways through digital marketing you can reach your audience, and on the other hand, we will inform you about the solutions that we developed during the long years of practical work in the above-mentioned countries.

We have been working in these markets for more than 9 years and we can confidently say that yes, live communication is a very important way to interact with wealthy clients.To maintain this communication in each of the 8 countries that we work in, we have partners who permanently communicate with this audience,identify their needs and interests, organize meetings and invite them to the events where these people find what they really need through communication with our clients. In addition to individual partners who communicate directly with B2C audiences, we also cooperate with major portals and professionalswho have access to a B2B base that is also interested in our clients in order to build a long and fruitful cooperation.

However, we live in the digital age, and therefore we also actively use all the tools of digital marketing.

It is considered that successful high-income business people do not spend their time on the Internet and, especially, on social networks. However, statistics refute this assumption. Let's look at the numbers below.

These figures only confirm the fact that the HNWIs just as well use the privileges of the digital era, as an ordinary Internet user. And this is good news.

The digital world is very democratic: whether you are a big or small company, the chance that a person with a high income level sees your advertising remains high. And digital advertising allows you to track the ROI much easier and faster than any other type of advertising in 2019.

The main task is to properly distribute advertising tools that will work for your business.

Let's start with the most famous and not passing its position tool - SEO optimization. It may seem that this has not played a leading role in digital advertising for a long time, but it will be a mistake. It is very important that HNWI, which is searching something online sees your website.

Remember, we said that 70% of HNWIs are on social networks and are looking for information in mobile phones. Make sure that the mobile version of your site looks and works well,because a very large audience will go to it!

Another way to find a well-off audience is proper targeting:countries / regions that have your target audience; tax-favourable countries (such as Cyprus and Luxembourg); people whose hobbies or purchases require financial solvency and much more.

Naturally, this is also about being active in social networks:large design companies doubled their revenues over the year due to the fact that they began to lead an active “social life” on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram.

Digital PR- your target audience may come from the different sources. Just make sure editorial pieces promoting your product or service can be found in publications with an affluent readership.

Infographicsis also a very important tool. Beautifully designed, clear and concise information will attract attention, make them stop and think about your offer. Infographics is even only a part of a bigger tool: shoot videos, publish photos - it all attracts the attention of not only ordinary users, but also HNWIs.

Do not concentrate on age- today your target audience may even be 20 years old. Generation X and the Millennials prove to us that the stereotype that solvency is directly dependent on age is just a stereotype. Young celebrities and influencers are your audience. As with some children of millionaires, you will invest in them a little today, they will come to you tomorrow (for example, according to, in 2020 the peak of real estate purchases among the Millennials is expected).

Gather information about your customers,using specialized CRM system. It is fast, easy and convenient.

The most important thingto consider when organizing digital marketing for wealthy people through a social networking platform is that you should not just promote your product or service, but use social networks as a tool to build relationships with your target audience.

If you are planning or are already working with HNWIs in the countries of the former CIS, contact us and get an individual offer for your case: