Global Promotion Group has opened the spring season in a new format!


The first event under the new name and concept - GREIMS - was successfully held at the Lotte Hotel Moscow on March 1-2.

GREIMS Moscow is a private event dedicated to overseas property, investment and migration issues.

The participants and speakers of GREIMS Moscow 2019 were representatives of the following companies:

1. First Development Group (Uzbekistan);

2. Emerald Group (Georgia);

3. Is Molas (Italy);

4. LCP Group Russia (USA);

5. Regico Ltd (UK);

6. Cyppro Realty (Cyprus);

7. Ellestate (Greece);

8. Shuchmann Real Estate (Georgia);

9. Hochbau Development (Georgia);

10. NV Company (Italy, Tenerife, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Portugal, Turkey);

11. Aphrodite Hills (Cyprus);

12. Andermatt Swiss Alps (Switzerland);

13. PricewaterhouseCoopers;

14. NTL Trust Limited;

15. Rentsale;

16. Homes Overseas;

17. The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (BLCC Russia / CCBLR Moscow).

The private and cozy format of the event allowed visitors to discuss in details all issues during the round table, to listen to the series of presentations of spikers and participants devoted to foreign real estate, migration, investment and taxes, and to get acquainted with all participants in person.

More than 160 potential buyers, investors, representatives of real estate agencies, investment and consulting companies, as well as representatives of companies working with migration issues visited GREIMS Moscow.

GREIMS Moscow is the first event of the spring season 2019 from the company Global Promotion Group.

Catch time to visit and take part in the upcoming events in the spring season 2019:

1. GREIMS Almaty 27-28.03

2. GREIMS Baku 10-11.04

3. GREIMS Batumi 14-15.06