The fall season 2018 of Global Promotion Group exhibitions is over!


Private exhibitions of foreign real estate, investment and migration took place in 6 cities: Batumi, Tbilisi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Almaty and Kyiv. It should be mentioned that exhibitions of this format were held in Batumi, Tbilisi and St. Petersburg for the first time.

The fall season was opened by exhibitions in Georgia: GEOREX Batumi on the12th-13th of September and GEOREX Tbilisi on the 15th-16th of September.

GEOREX Batumi started with a round table, during which the current state of the Georgian real estate market, in particular Adjara, was discussed, as well as ways of attracting and the importance of international investments, interaction of local experts in real estate with foreign partners and much more. Representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, representatives of participating companies, professionals from the local real estate market, and invited delegates from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Kazakhstan and other countries took part in the discussion. According to the speakers of the round table - this discussion was very relevant and interesting, especially taking into account the growing demand for real estate in Georgia and the constant increase in the flow of tourists to Batumi. The business program continued with a series of presentations that companies held on the first day for local and invited professionals in the real estate market, and the second day for private buyers and investors.

The exhibition GEOREX Tbilisi was held in a similar format. Representatives of the Tbilisi City Hall, participating companies, and also invited delegates from Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and other countries took part in the round-table discussion in Tbilisi. The business program was continued by a series of presentations that the City Hall opened with its presentation on the topic of Tbilisi investment portfolio. The companies also held presentations on the first day for local and invited professionals in the real estate market, and on the second day for private buyers and investors.

The next exhibitions were held in October in Russia: Moscow Overseas Property Show on the 5th-6th of October and Saint-Petersburg International Property Show on the 9th-10th of October. Both evetns continued for 2 days: on the 1st day invited professionals of the Russian real estate market could discuss some issues about real estate, migration and investments at the round table. On the second day the exhibition was visited by potential buyers and investors. As part of the new business program visitors of the exhibition were able to get acquainted with the presentations of exhibiting companies, ask questions of interest to them in a more informal atmosphere in the form of lively discussion between all the participants of the round table.

The next exhibition - Almaty International Property Expo - took place on the 30th-31st of October in Almaty. Communication between exhibitors and visitors was not limited to common phrases, as interest in foreign real estate and investment opportunities is quite high. Exhibitors were able to discuss potential cooperation with local realtors within the first day, as well as with wealthy and serious investors and buyers within the second day of the exhibition.

The fall season was completed by the exhibition in Kyiv - Kyiv International Property Show, which took place on the 16th-17th of November at Hilton Kyiv Hotel.On the first day the exhibition was visited by Ukrainian realtors working with real estate abroad. For experts and participants there was organized a Round table to discuss issues related to the current situation on the Ukrainian market, then a series of presentations from participants of the exhibition were held for a wide range of visitors. On the second day, the exhibition was visited by buyers and investors, presentations of development projects were also presented.

More than 1000 real estate professionals, potential buyers and investors visited Global Promotion Group private exhibitions in 6 cities. Each of the visitors was able to listen to the presentations of exhibiting companies, participate in round-table discussions, and also have a personal conversations with exhibitors. Participants and speakers were representatives of 38 companies representing real estate in the EU, the CIS, the Persian Gulf, as well as in Georgia and Ukraine, and also the representatives of companies that provide various consulting services: from migration issues to tax specifics in different countries.

Global Promotion Group is planning to unite exhibitions under one concept and name - GREIMS, and organize them in 8 cities in 2019: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Batumi, Tbilisi, Kyiv, Baku, Almaty and Astana.