For the 4th time Moscow Overseas Property Show 2018 was held in Moscow!


A private exhibition of foreign real estate, migration and investment - Moscow Overseas Property Show 2018 - was held for the 4th time in Lotte Hotel in Moscow on 5-6 of October.

Exhibitors and speakers were representatives of 9 companies:

1. NV-Company (Different countries);

2. ConPro (Different countries);

3. Schuchmann (Georgia);

4. Hochbau (Georgia);

5. DEM GROUP GmbH (Germany);

6. Habita (Different countries);

7. Verica (Different Countries);

8. Astons (Different Countries);

9. PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The event continued for 2 days:

- on the 1st day, October 5, the exhibition was visited by real estate market professionals;

- on the 2nd day, October 6, the exhibition was visited by potential buyers and investors.

The private format of the exhibition allowed both participants and visitors to discuss the current situation on Russian market during the round table, listen to a series of presentations from companies, and also get acquainted personally with all participants.

The new format of the business program allowed the exhibitors to tell about their projects in a more informal atmosphere in the form of lively discussion between all the participants of the round table.

Moscow Overseas Property Show 2018 was the third exhibition of 2018 fall season from the company Global Promotion Group.

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