On April 25, in the luxurious surroundings of the Dukes the Palm Hotel in Dubai, the public was captivated by the exclusive presentation of the Porto Monteronto project. Targeted at the discerning expatriate community, the event was designed to showcase the project's appeal in this niche UAE market.
Dubai has become a favorite destination for expats from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) since March 2022. However, for many, this step marks only a transitional stage with the desire for even more favorable living conditions in a region with a stable economic climate. . Therefore, the choice of Dubai as the location for the presentation was strategic.
During the meeting, Montenegro experts presented two wonderful real estate properties, “Aeris” and “Aurora,” which captured the imagination of those present. They responded to the requests of the local population, facilitating interesting discussions about snacks and a lively exchange of views.
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