GREIMS Baku 2019
Baku hosted a closed event dedicated to foreign real estate, investments and migration issues – GREIMS Baku. The event was held for 2 days: on April 10th and 11th, 2019 at the Hilton Baku Hotel.
The participants and speakers were representatives of 10 companies representing real estate and services in more than 17 countries:
Is Molas (Italy);
Emerald Group (Georgia);
Premium Group (Georgia);
Schuchmann (Georgia);
Aleksandr Elizarov (European countries, USA, Thailand, Israel);
Regico Ltd (UK);
Remart Group (Azerbaijan);
City – XXI century (Russia);
NV-Company (European countries);
PricewaterhouseCoopers (Azerbaijan).
On the first day of the event, on April 10th, professionals of the local real estate market were invited. As part of the business program of the first day, participants and visitors gathered at a round table where they discussed the current situation in the real estate market, as well as issues related to investment and migration. Next, a series of speaker presentations was held for GREIMS Baku visitors. On the second day of the exhibition, on April 11, GREIMS was visited by potential buyers and investors, who could also listen to the presentations of the participants and communicate with each of them individually.
The closed format of events is an effective tool for attracting direct buyers, investors and representatives of the local real estate market to participating companies, their services and projects. This format allows participants and visitors to get to know each other personally, as well as discuss issues in more detail in a comfortable environment.
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